Switchboard Upgrade

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Switchboard Upgrades – When should you upgrade your switchboard?


You can help keep your family safe and improve your electrical supply by upgrading your switchboard.

Here at ARTEC Solutions, we are a leading switchboard upgrade provider in Brisbane and we can get your service safe and up to date.

ARTEC services all areas of Brisbane.

Are you in the Brisbane region and in need of a new switchboard?

Do you still have a fuse board that is giving you problems or is your existing switchboard outdated?

This can be quite frustrating and dangerous.


Signs You Need an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboards do not last forever, so make sure that you upgrade yours when the time comes.

Some common signs that you need a new switchboard are as follows:

  • Flickering Lights
  • Blown Fuses
  • Short Circuits
  • It’s Overcrowded
  • You Have Rewired Fuses
  • No Safety Switch (RCD)
  • Loose Connections

Your switchboard is the central key to your home’s power needs and it crucial that it is in top working condition to guarantee your family’s safety.

If you have an older home your switchboard is probably outdated. We provide reliable switchboard upgrade in QLD.

Outdated switchboards are the cause for most electrical fires. A switchboard upgrade allows you to remove the dangers from old fuse and plug-in circuit breakers.  Some of the older switchboards contain asbestos, which is a proven carcinogenic.

Asbestos should be removed and it needs to be done correctly or it can cause even more health risks.

If new material is required in a switchboard that contains asbestos the panel will need to be removed. We are able to remove it and replace it safely.

Protect Your Family And Your Home

All of these symptoms can be dangerous and can cause major issues. It is important that you take all preventative measures, and have your switch box replaced, to protect your family from a deadly house fire or electrical shock.

Older switchboards were not designed to cope with today’s high demands and they might not have the required RCDs.

These RCDs offer a layer of protection that protects against getting shocked and electrical fires.

They are able to protect you and your family from electrocution by cutting off the power source instantly.

Are You Adding More Electrical Equipment and Appliances?

If you are adding new equipment in your home or any 3 phase equipment, such as an air conditioner, you will need to upgrade your electrical switchboard. .

As previously stated, older switchboards were not designed to handle today’s current electricity needs.

When they were installed there might have been only one or two appliances running.