LED & Light Installation

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LED and Light Installs

At ARTEC Solutions, our electricians are experts at light installation in Brisbane.

Having the right lighting installed in your home or business can change the way a room looks and functions.

The design and layout can transform a drab area into a modern sophisticated space. No matter what type of lighting you are looking for, ARTEC Solutions can help.

Choosing Lighting For Your Brisbane Home or Business

Before you choose your lighting, you need to take into consideration the function. What are you using the lighting for? Is it for reading or cooking? Or are you trying to create a mood?

 Ambient Lighting

This is the most common type of lighting. It can be natural lighting as well as artificial lighting. The purpose is to light up a room. Lighting fixtures are often installed to substitute for natural lighting.

Accent/Directional Lighting

This type of lighting is often referred to as mood lighting. But you can use it for other things as well. Accent lighting can highlight architectural features and illuminate artwork. Accent light installs can create a visual interest inside and outside.


Different Types of Lighting

The main reason for light installs is functionality. Each type of lighting serves a purpose. Finding the right fixture can make all the difference. Even the darkest drabbest rooms can transform into a place that you want to hang out.

There are several different types of lighting styles to choose from. Choosing the right design and having the proper placement is important to the look of your home or business.

Modern Lighting

Modern lighting has clean lines and patterns. The surfaces are usually smooth with little to no decorative detailing. The light fixtures have an effortlessly timeless style.

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting has been designed to complement current styles. They are often eye-catching and have creative designs.  They work well in homes that are up to date with current design trends.

Classic Lighting

Classic lighting is ageless. It is elegant and often made of glass and crystals. Linens and luxurious woods are also common design elements. An example of a classic lighting fixture is a crystal chandelier.

Art Deco Lighting

Art deco lighting incorporates metallic finishes with glass accents. Fixtures are typically large with pointed edges. They are adorned with bold geometric patterns. Art Deco lighting fixtures are often used to make a dramatic impact.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting is often used to give a home rural charm and a cabin feel. It is a natural style that brings in elements of nature. The fixtures are generally made from wood, metal and fabric.