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Domestic and commercial installations, repairs and maintenance.


ARTEC is able to provide technical advice, design and installation services to ensure the design specifications and operational needs for all your air conditioning requirements.

When designing systems we make sure that you have the system you need now but also the system that can support your needs for future plans for renovations or extensions. We can integrate all your air conditioning needs in your existing home, office or warehouse or install as you build or renovate.

Artec Solutions air conditioning services involve the installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of electrical components and circuits in air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance includes inspecting and testing electrical connections, cleaning components, and replacing worn-out parts.  Our skilled electricians diagnose and repair electrical issues, addressing faulty wiring, damaged components, or imbalances. Troubleshooting is crucial for identifying and resolving operational problems. Safety compliance ensures grounded components, insulated wiring, and appropriate circuit protection. These services ensure safe and efficient operation of air conditioning units in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Artec is the best choice for air conditioning services due to our highly skilled electricians specializing in air conditioning systems. We prioritize safety, adhere to regulations, and provide seamless installation, efficient maintenance, prompt repairs, and effective troubleshooting. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures satisfaction.

Heating and Cooling Solutions 

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Whether you are looking to have your air-conditioning installed, repaired or serviced,
our skilled tradesmen are experienced in all this.

We also offer minor and major air-conditioning services. Our minor services include:

Cleaning of Filters in Front of Fan Coil

Fan Coil Head Unit Cleaning

Inspection of your Electrical Connections

Flush Drain Operations

Inspection of the Airflow from the Head Unit

Inspection of the Refrigerant Gas Pressure

Removal of any Obstructions on the Outdoor Unit

Cleaning of Filters in Front of the Fan Coil

Cleaning of the Fan Coil at the Head Unit

Removal & Cleaning of Head Unit Covers

Removal & Cleaning of the Fan Barrel

Inspection of the Flush Drain Operation

Electrical Connection Inspection

Head Unit Airflow Inspection

Checking of Refrigerant Gas Pressures at the Compressor

Removal of Obstructions of the Outdoor Unit