Industrial Electricians


Installation Services
  • Electrical and air conditioning installation
  • Street and work site lighting
  • Underground cabling and earthworks
  • Generator and HVAC system installations
  • Switchboard upgrades and maintenance
Emergency Services
  • Emergency electrical services
Maintenance Services
  • Planned shutdowns and preventative maintenance
  • Equipment repairs and servicing
  • Switchboard inspections and thermal scanning
Testing and Inspection Systems
  • RCD, exit light, and appliance testing and repairs
  • Thermal imaging and field equipment scanning
  • Energex Compliance checks

Artec Solutions stands as Brisbane’s premier choice for industrial electrical installations. With a proven track record of high-quality projects and satisfied clients, we specialize in equipment and instrumentation installation.

Our team of industrial electricians excels in repairing, testing, and maintaining electrical equipment throughout Brisbane. We prioritize customer satisfaction and affordability, making us the top choice for your electrical needs in the region.

Artec Solutions, as an industrial electrical contractor, holds a pivotal role in maintaining, repairing, and upgrading electrical systems across various industrial settings, including factories and warehouses. With a team of highly trained and qualified electrical maintenance technicians, Artec Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure optimal functionality and safety of machinery.

From troubleshooting electrical problems and providing emergency support to offering guidance on safety precautions, Artec Solutions is dedicated to delivering top-notch service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you require a new industrial electrical installation or an upgrade to your existing system, Artec Solutions is committed to completing the job on time and within budget

When considering your next Industrial project, look no further than Artec Solutions

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