At Artec we aim to minimise the ecological footprint of our operations on the environment. Environmental sustainability is recognised as a key priority for our organisation.

Our Commitment

As a major player in the hotel sector we feel that we have an obligation to contribute with a proactive and sustainable commitment to the environment. Atrec Solutions is committed to reducing direct environmental impacts through (but not limited to) the following objectives:

It is the objective of the Company to:

  • Develop a Company Wide Sustainability Program tailored to meet the unique business needs and abilities of the Organisation.

  • Continually strive for improvement in the environmental performance of its activities , products and services.

  • Comply with environmental legislation and other applicable environmental requirements relevant to its activities, products and services and regularly evaluate its compliance with such requirements.

  • Proactively pursue the minimisation of environmental impacts associated with its activities., products and services.

  • Reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.

  • Reduce water consumption and improve water efficiency.

  • Endeavour to eliminate the production of polluting emissions or discharges into the environment.

  • Take proactive measures to protect and preserve wildlife / flora and their natural habitats.

  • Set objectives, targets and programs and review and revise them regularly with the aim of continual improvement in environmental performance.


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