24/7 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE - 0490896284

Emergency Electrician

 24 hour On Call: 0490896284

We understand that many electrical problems can occur without any notice and oftentimes they happen without even any warning signs. In such situations, you may feel frustrated or confused but more than anything, you would be worried about when the problem will be fixed.

Well you can be assured that even if you’ve had a breakdown in the middle of the night, we can send the team over to take care of the problem, then and there.  Common emergency faults are:

Power or lighting fault
Loss of power to all or part of your home including electrical faults due to storms or flooding (excludes area-wide power outages and blackouts).

Broken air-conditioning system
If your air-conditioner has stopped working, an ARTEC electrician will assess the cause of the fault and repair on spot if safe to do so.

Faulty or burst hot water system
When your hot water system fails because of faulty components or electrical issues.

Internal leaks
If you have a ceiling leak coming through a light fitting or fixture we’ll isolate power from the affected area.