Did you know:

House fires kill more Australians than all natural hazards.

900 people died in preventable residential fires in Australia between 2003 – 2007

Statistics show that non-working smoke alarms increase the risk of dying in hose fire by 80  per cent.

New Smoke Alarm Laws

From 1 January 2022, all Class 1a and Class 2 Buildings leased or sold are required to comply with the new Queensland legislation. Even buildings with the Australian Standards 1670 Fire Detection Systems must comply with the new smoke alarm requirements: they must be less than 10 years old, interconnected, be photoelectric, be installed in each bedroom and on each level. 

To comply with this legislation, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms are required:

From 1 January 2017: in all new dwellings and substantially renovated dwellings (this applies to building applications submitted from 1 January 2017).

From 1 January 2022: in all domestic dwellings leased and sold. 

From 1 January 202: in all other .domestic dwellings

Our trained technicians can supply and install a large range of certified smoke alarms and systems that comply and operate to this new legislation. 

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